NBBJ Case Competition.

Having found case competitions to be both fun and educational (and profitable!), i did my best to make time in a heavy courseload for them. For this 'Business Design' Case for NBBJ, I knew there would be lots of interest and it was an opportunity to work with friends that I knew were some of Rotman's best.

What follows is our novel submission, a movie, chronicling our process and our conclusions.

Despite a hectic schedule, we divided up research focus, collaborated on line for a plan of attack, then assembled for one day (then a follow up day for round two), and WE WON! (see link for their press release).

A genuinely incredible experience working with a diverse group to create an impactful solution. Beyond the fame, the monetary reward, we received copies of NBBJ's book 'Change Design' , and we've been told to make ourselves available for an interview that will be part of their next book!




We put the movie up in parts on YouTube to make it easy to view, or see the whole thing by downloading the link below.

Part 1 , Part 2 , Part 3 (bloopers)

Here's the full movie (.wmv format, 100MB and 20mins)


some stills